Who am I… used to be a tough question for me to answer. I have discovered that life is this everlasting roller coaster process, and everybody has their own stories. I believe that I’ve been on this journey of living life, and it has taken me to many different aspects and dimensions of this universe in which we live. My experiences are a major part of me gaining the strength of who I have become in this moment, and for the first time of my life... I LOVE every moment of it.

I believe that we all have a gift and a purpose here, and until we truly get in touch with ourselves on the inside, we will never find that part of ourselves. We all are capable of whatever it is we so desire. After all…  it’s what you put your focus, energy, and attention on.

I’ve learned that…  "If we don’t go within, we go without" and I will forever keep purging through these challenges and living through my soul, in divine light and full of love!